JOB DESCRIPTION:  Marketing Executive

- Plan 6-monthly marketing activities for the L’amant Café.

- Provide marketing orientations for product solutions to the market and customers.

- Engage and find potential customers to host events at the store.

- Plan for digital marketing: Email marketing, social media, PPC advertising for each month, quarterly, yearly and each project of the company.

- Organize and measure effective advertising / media campaigns on broadcast channels versus budget.

- Manage the company's marketing channel system: fan page, website, email,

 - Develop a social media strategy through the steps of market research, identifying the target audience, identifying channels of access, positioning products.

- Work with a copywriter, creative, graphic designer, photographer, and daily content planner.

- Editing content from the copywriter on the company's social network: Facebook, Instagram & official website.

- Monitor and manage the communities of people interested in the company and its products on social networks

- Monitor and respond appropriately to comments related to the company.

- Work with marketing agency partners on buying PR articles in newspapers, newspapers, social community pages, influencers, digital advertising, SEO, SEM, etc.

- Collect reports from the agency and analyze the data and insights of users on the company's social networks for optimal optimization, thus devising appropriate marketing tactics from time to time for the company.

- Report periodically to the upper level on the effectiveness of social & website channels

- Coordinate with other departments (Customer Relations, Sales, Operations) to manage the reputation of the company and identify competitors in the market.


KPI work:

- Traffic to website, fan page, etc

 - Lead, Marketing Qualified Lead - Conversion rate and cost per lead of each channel (organic, social,)

- Cafés to meet sales target.

Working Time: 9:00 -18:00 (Monday to Friday)

Monthly Salary: Negotiation


Essential Requirements:

Has at least 2 year working experience in digital marketing communication.

Marketing experience in FMCG industry is preferred

 Experience in planning digital and viral marketing campaign strategy.

Has good English communication skills 


Please send the the CI to: tuyendung@lamantcafe.com

or https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1KymeEaRDjCblPCgBIsgu8nUdelhj7oUrVW14AJdFqIg/viewform?edit_requested=true